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43 Clicks North was created to make websites work the way they should. We believe your website is the key to future growth. It is the foundation of digital marketing, meaning if you get it right, the rest of your marketing will fall into place.

Our appetite to propel the success of your website is founded on the individual expertise our staff bring to the table. Our team have worked with companies of all sizes, from internationally recognisable brands through to small family-run businesses. This means they have the knowledge and experience to deliver the results required to grow your business.

We’re a close knit team of talented individuals

Mike Ellis

Geek masquerading in jocks clothing

The founder and the creator, Mike is dedicated to making businesses better. Big on rugby league, not that other kind, he credits the name of the company back to his playing days. Let us know if you can make the connection.

Paul Burnett

An out and out people person

With a master’s in psychology, one thing Paul knows is human behaviour, even if he doesn’t show it. He is passionate about E-commerce, Coding, Photography, and Travel and can often be found having his own conversations and muttering to himself.

Ash Williams

He’s a family guy

A hard-core gamer wannabe, this family man is client focussed all the way. With over a decade of experience in the industry there are few who can boast his experience even at his modest age (cough).

Jack Story

Our very own Jack the lad

The Jack of all trades and a master of stating the obvious. With a background in computer game coding and graphic design he is the king of memes. All hail the king!

Jack Foster

Big arms but bigger heart

Working in design from the age of 16 Jack has an eye for creativity. Despite his tough exterior Jack has the heart of an artist taking great care over every project and showing real passion to help clients visualise their goal.

Hannah Clark

I'm here for the Friday drinks

With attitude for days Hannah keeps the office in check and the rest of us on track. Running the office like a well-oiled machine, she allows the rest of the team do what they do best.

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