Chaise Longue Co

Driving a 218% increase in New Customers, whilst competing with Wayfair and DFS

The Chaise Longue Co. have built a reputation for their exquisite craftsmanship, whilst supplying handmade furniture to celebrities around the UK. As a small business with significant expertise in their industry, they faced a battle to compete with larger, well-known brands such as Wayfair and DFS.

The Results

70% increase in enquiries

With proper research of ideal client targets, we tailoured ad copy to pique thier interest and make them want to engage.

21% decrease in cost per enquiry

By generating more interest and maximising opportunities, we signficantly reduce the expenditure needed to obtain leads.

30% increase in conversion rate

By thoroughly understanding the target audiences and what motivates them, we succesfully guided prospects throughout the sales process.

The Challenge

Find profitable customers in an increasingly expensive market

The Chaise Longue Co. had been acquiring new customers from pay per click (PPC) for several years. Their PPC focused approach was finding new customers harder and harder to come by in an increasingly competitive and expensive vertical.

With the cost per click increasing by 39% over a year, PPC was becoming a less profitable source of customer acquisition. Therefore, the paid search strategy needed to be refocused to reverse this decline.

The Solution

Showcase unique selling points to the right users

A review of the account showed clear opportunities to improve the targeting, structure, and ad copy.

Minimal account optimisation had caused the account to become stale. When combined with new competitors entering the market place, this increased costs and reduced traffic significantly

A clear plan was put in place to:

  • Ensure the account targeted the right users by reviewing all positive or negative keywords in the account
  • Improve the ad performance and update the ad copy as well as the use of extensions
  • Maximise the opportunity given with Google and Bing product development
The Results

Achieved objectives and great rewards

The new targeted approach has reaped great rewards for The Chaise Longue Co. and enabled the business to achieve the objectives they had at the beginning of the campaign. There’s been a significant increase in enquiries and conversion rate, resulting in a sizeable drop in cost per enquiry. 

  1. 70% increase in enquiries
  2. 21% decrease in cost per enquiry
  3. 30% increase in conversion rate

By helping The Chaise Longue Co. to decrease their costs and increase enquiries, we've successfully enabled to business to grow their online presence at an efficient price point - ultimately allowing them to become the next big player in the market.

From the client


The results that the team have driven for us have been outstanding

43 Clicks North’s understanding of paid search is second to none. We were at a point where it looked like paid search had gone from being one of our core customer acquisition channels to one which was now unfeasible for us. The results that the team have driven for us have been outstanding.

Jon Peacock Managing Director
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