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Delivering a 29% change in revenue to turn losses into a growth machine in 5 months

The health and nutrition industry has been undergoing a transformation and becoming much more mainstream. Despite this, business revenue had been declining for 5 years, in line with a decline in the popularity of the core bodybuilding market.

The Results

19% increase in organic traffic

With consistent messaging and a unique tone of voice, we piqued people's interest and encouraged them to get to know the brand.

5% conversion rate

With growing awanress and trust, customers were encouraged to follow through to making a purchase.

29% increase in revenue

More customers and sales means better business: the migration resulted in a 29% increase in overall revenue year on year.

The Challenge

Battling against decline

Battling against the decline in a once-booming market and an ageing content management system, we needed to halt the decline in business performance, reduce the brand association to bodybuilding, and create a strategy aligned to the needs and wants of the modern consumer.

Traffic and revenue generation was challenging with the business's two different brands cannibalising website traffic. Further, using a dated stock management system to manage an ever-growing list of products across two websites becoming unfeasible. 


The Solution

Two isn't always better than one

We decided to merge the two brands and migrate them into one site on the Shopify platform. This allowed us to rectify the technical issues the site faced on Magento, make it faster than ever, and create optimised product collections based on user intent - all whilst making stock management much more straightforward.

Moving to a one-brand approach also allowed us to refocus paid media budget into one brand, rather than spreading across two in a highly competitive vertical. 

The Results

A significant uplift in business performance

The implementation of this migration and simplified approach resulted in huge performance improvements for Discount Supplements:

  1. 29% increase in revenue
  2. 42% increase in organic search revenue
  3. 36% increase in paid search revenue
  4. 19% increase in organic traffic
  5. 5% conversion rate 

Overall the migration has transformed the way the business is operating, providing a massive increase in both visibility and revenue.

From the client


The improvements we have seen are fantastic

43 Clicks North are a key part of our team. They took the time to really understand our business and market before developing a strategic approach that would work for us. The improvements we have seen are fantastic and we’re really excited about what the future holds!

Mark Bowering Managing Director
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