Heat Insulation

Heating up the competition to drive a 420% increase in online enquiries

The home insulation market is dominated by lead generators, taking away any control from the consumer. There was an opportunity for a business with full ownership of the service delivery, from survey to installation, to enter the market and utilise their efficiency and profit margin advantage.

64% increase in revenue

By driving traffic and increasing leads, we helped the business to increase their revenue year on year.

£17 cost per lead

Understanding the system and implementing the right strategy created the perfect cost per lead for the business's first step into digital marketing.

95% decrease in cost per lead

By researching audiences and targeting ideal customers, we were able to minimise the cost of each lead.

The Challenge

Building from the ground up

With an online presence comprising of a basic website that drove no traffic or leads, our job was to capture profitable market share.

Digital marketing hadn’t been a focus of the business before and the website had zero presence on Google. With a need to generate new customers in the short term, we focused on using pay per click (PPC) advertising to target in-market consumers, whilst improving the user experience.

Finally, any marketing activity had to be done with a strict return on investment (ROI) to ensure profitability. With this being the Heat Insulation’s first experience of digital marketing, managing the expectations and ROI was essential.

The Solution

Targeting and testing

With a limited budget, getting the targeting and messaging right was key to driving maximum value.

Following audience research, we created a PPC structure that targeted key locations, behaviours, and services to ensure Heat Insulation were in front of the right users. Combined with an effective bidding strategy, we were able to drive a record number of enquiries.

A/B landing page testing helped to tailor content to generate enquiries from more informed consumers. This change made it much easier for the sales team to close the sale, further enhancing profitability.

The Results

Opitmal results for lower costs

  1. 70% increase in leads
  2. 95% decrease in cost per enquiry
  3. 96% reduction in cost per lead
  4. £17 cost per lead

Moving into the second year, they’ve continued to see fantastic results as they expand their digital presence and business offering.

From the client


Digital marketing is now a key part of our business

As we’d never done online before, we were pretty nervous about this transition. The team at 43 Clicks North couldn’t have helped more. They ensured that we always understood the approach, and we were informed on what they were doing and why. Digital marketing is now a key part of our business and 43 Clicks North a key business partner.

Ricky Swann Managing Director
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