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From page 6 to page 1 in 6 months for their most competitive search term


Reading 123 is part of the Fan Frames group owned by Paul Gibson, a former optician turned entrepreneur. He is revolutionising the way glasses are bought online. In the latter stages of 2018, Reading 123’s new website was migrated to Shopify from Magento.

43 Clicks North were tasked with making the website appear for relevant search terms on Google, the UK’s most popular search engine. The main objective was to appear when peopled typed ‘reading glasses’ into Google, as it is searched for roughly 18,000 times every month.

The Problem

At the time of the move from Magneto to Shopify, the website appeared in position 67 for ‘reading glasses’. To put this into perspective, this was page six of the listings that appeared.

The previous Magento website had existed for many years, but it had never had a focus on search engine optimisation. Google was able to see that the website was relevant to reading glasses, but it prioritised other websites instead because they ‘appealed’ more to the search engine.

With the above in mind, we developed a plan to cover the three pillars of search engine optimisation. Technical, content and link building. These are groups of factors that Google considers when deciding where a website should appear for relevant search terms.

The Solution:

Based upon the three pillars of search engine optimisation, we implemented the following top-level changes. This was the first time the website had ever had a focus on increasing the amount of traffic from search engines.


As we were moving to Shopify, we knew many of the basics were taken care of. We improved upon them by making it even easier for Google to navigate the website and understand the content on it.

Key Tasks:

Product filtering improvements

Structured data

Page speed optimisation


The previous website was lacking content and keywords (search terms) within it, which is essential if you want to target searchers. We overhauled all the content and implemented many new pieces by working closely with the client. We provided the briefs and they wrote the content. All of this was to ensure the content was relevant to glasses and reading.

Key Tasks:

Keyword targeting

Category improvements

User-focused article writing and planning

Link Building

Google places a huge amount of emphasis on links. They are essentially ‘votes’. The more you have and the more relevant they are to your website, the more likely you are to appear for relevant search terms.When the site launched, we used our contacts with the media and relevant websites to create relevant links to the Reading 123 website.

Key Tasks:

Digital PR

Developing newsworthy content and promoting it to journalists with the purpose of getting many links from one piece of content

Tactical link building

Reaching out to individual sites where we believe there is a mutual interest and working with them to get a link to Reading 123

Using our media connections

We have connections with many journalists and media influencers who helped us acquire links. We provide them with content for their articles and publications and in return receive links and brand coverage.

The results

March 2019 versus the start of our activity in October 2018.

Position 1

For “reading glasses” from 67 on Google (approx. 18,000 monthly searches)


Keywords on the first page of Google versus 62 previously


Increase in traffic (year-on-year comparison)


Increase in revenue (year-on-year comparison)

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