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Utilising SEO to drive a 643% increase in revenue in the UK & USA

Stitch & Story is all about ‘crafting made simple’ that extends beyond the traditional crafters. Founded in 2012, they are the modern solution for the amateur crafter proving a range of knitting kits through their online store.

The Results

584% increase in traffic

Utilising strategic PR and link building tatics, we got the brand name out there to capture users attention and drive traffic.

661% increase in transactions

By carefully analysing what ideal customers wanted to see for in each region, we tailored content and design to encourage purchases.

639% increase in revenue

By carefully analysing trends and demand, we succesfully increased revenue and brought more money to the business.

The Challenge

Battling against the bigger brands

The craft ware market was growing rapidly and more established brands were beginning to enter the market. Costs were increasing, therefore Stitch & Story needed to create a sustainable platform for growth to be able to compete with competitors with larger budgets. 

With demand increasing both in the UK and internationally, they needed a platform that would allow them to engage with consumers both at home and abroad. 

The Solution

Implementing technical fixes

Search engine optimisation (SEO) was identified as a key area for sustainable growth, so we developed a plan covering all of the three main pillars of SEO. These are technical, content, and link building.

In addition, the separate websites targeting different geographical regions (UK and US) were not following Google’s recommendations on how to have multiple websites targeting different areas.

We addressed this as a priority and implemented hreflang functionality, which notifies search engines that duplicate versions of the same website are targeting different areas of the world. This put an end to the search engine’s confusion when choosing which website to rank in both countries.

The Solution

Building authority and making an expert

After fixing technical issues and ensuring content met our in-house rigorous guidelines focusing on keyword targeting and meeting user expectations, we focused on attaining links to build the authority of the website.

We utilised our Digital PR approach to secure coverage on high authority and well-known websites, such as The BBC, Metro, Telegraph and many more. This not only benefitted Stitch & Story by improving the authority of their domain but it also had a direct impact on revenue generation, with traffic tripling and revenue doubling in line with the high authority coverage.

The Results

An increase in visibility across a range of keywords, drove a 639% increase in revenue

Following the implementation of the SEO strategy, Stitch & Story saw astounding performance improvements.

The website became much more visible in the search results with their target audience, due to improved ranking across their targeted keyword themes. The flow on from this drove a staggering increase in revenue.

  1. 584% increase in traffic
  2. 661% increase in transactions
  3. 639% increase in revenue

Careful consideration of the business's goals and extensive knowledge of implementing SEO strategies across multiple jurisdictions enabled our team to significantly improve Stich & Stroy's online presence, obtaining them the results and rankings they deserved.

From the client


We are utterly amazed by the results

We are utterly amazed by the results generated by the team at 43 Clicks North. Our aim was to generate an increase in revenue, but our expectations have been smashed out of the park.

Jen Lam Founder
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