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Using A/B testing to drive 21% more sales on Black Friday

Black Friday has become one of the key trading days in the retail calendar for every type of business. With Black Friday approaching, online craft ware retailer, Stitch & Story knew they were about the see traffic volumes increase significantly, but revenue didn’t always follow the same trend.

The Results

21% increase in conversion rate

By finding out what customers were most likely to engage with, we found the perfect way to guide them through the sale process.

24% increase in average order value

Customers liked what they saw and were easily able to get it, encouraging bigger and better purchases.

82% increase in revenue

More engagement and bigger orders resulted in more income for the business, so that they could continue what they do best.

The Challenge

Decreasing Traffic

In recent years, the traffic driven over the Black Friday period to the Stitch & Story website had become increasingly sporadic and was not driving the number of sales that it previously achieved.

It seemed that shoppers had become savvier in their approach, searching around the internet for deals well ahead of the actual Black Friday event and well after.

We knew that with paid traffic inventory costs at a premium, there was an opportunity to make the sale more impactful to drive more profitable sales.

The Solution

Intricate Testing

We put a robust A/B testing plan in place in the run-up to Black Friday to identify the best ways to position the sale for the main event, when traffic levels would be at their highest.

There are many ways to highlight sale offers and prices to customers therefore we needed to know which of these would be the most impactful.

We ran multiple variations of different formats, layouts, and messaging to identify the elements which increased conversion rates and figure out which combination of these elements worked the best.

The Results

Increased Performance

The experimentation plan resulted in huge performance improvements on such a key trading day for Stitch & Story:

  1. 21% increase in conversion rate
  2. 24% increase in order value
  3. 82% increase in revenue

Using our team's experienced skillset and a little creative flair, we were able to generate outstanding results to allow this business to continue spreading the joy of crafting. 

From the client


We’re delighted with the results of the CRO testing

Black Friday has always been hugely important to us as a business, but it was becoming too expensive. We’re delighted with the results of the CRO testing implemented by 43 Clicks North. It’s shown us the results that can be driven when looking at CRO not just as an ongoing concern, but also how we can tie this to drive performance related to specific sales events.

Jen Lam Co-Founder
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