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Generating a 148% increase in Revenue for Black Friday

The Stone Group takes a 360° view on the technology lifecycle. With consumers becoming more aware of sustainability and global supply chain challenges severely limiting stock levels of new electronic devices, upcycling refurbished products is a great opportunity in the technology sector. 

Stone Group successfully procured high levels of used laptops & PCs through their hugely successful IT recycling app campaign. These devices were cleaned up & serviced providing high stock levels for their refurbished technology brand Stone Refurb to utilise ahead of Black Friday with higher margins than new products.  

The Results

148% increase in overall revenue YoY

Combining brand building with highly targeted ads we were able to deliver the best BFCM ever.

19% increase in transactions

Transactions across the period saw an increase of over 19%

7.4 paid social ROAS vs. target of 3:1

The combined strategy allowed us to double the target expectations

Building brand familiarity

With a target ROAS of 3:1, we focused on building brand awareness with value conscious consumers looking for presents, specifically younger family members, ahead of the key Black Friday trading period. To counter the reach limitations during a learning phase, we took a month long approach to Black Friday, with time sensitive campaigns launched early in November.

This approach ensured the learning phase was completed early in November and as a result performance improved significantly as consumers showed more purchase intent later in November.

Targeting high intent audiences through dynamic catalogue ads

Dynamic Catalogue ads targeting high intent audiences played a key role in the success of the campaign, with a key contributing factor being the historic data & learnings built up over the last 12 months.

The low cost procurement of the devices by the recycling campaign allowed us to aggressively promote heavily discounted sales promotions with minimal impact on the sales margin.

A sellout show on the busiest period of the year

Launched refurbished Gaming PCs for the first time, which became the biggest seller and sold out of all stock on Black Friday.

  1. 148% increase in Overall Revenue YoY
  2. 19% increase in Transactions
  3. 7.4 Paid Social ROAS vs. target of 3:1
  4. 11% increase in Assisted Conversions
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