Swift Go

Maximising staycation demand to fill all booking availability with a 835% increase in ROAS

The Swift Group are the UK’s number one leisure vehicle company and have been building award winning motor homes since 1964. They launched Swift Go to bring the motorhome and campervan experience to a larger market at a reasonable, clear price point.

The Results

103% increase in revenue year on year

By increasing conversion rates , we helped increase revenue for the business so they could continue what they do best.

2,735% return on ad spend

Investing in research, tartgeting, and creativity for online adverts gave back to the business with astronoimcal returns.

87% decrease in cost per booking

By getting the brand name out there, we were able to ensure less spend on costs per booking, saving the business wasted expenditure.

The Challenge

Bouncing back during a global pandemic

As with most businesses, motorhome hire company Swift Go had to put their plans for 2020 on hold when the pandemic hit. With a national lockdown preventing any holidays, all pay per click and Facebook activity was paused as the business needed reduced costs.

Without knowing how long restrictions would be in place, Swift Go needed a plan to hit the ground running when the market did make a return.

The Solution

Returning to market with a measured and strategic plan

We knew it would be key to return to the market at the right time to encourage engagement and prevent losses. To do this, we implemented a tiered approach:

  1. Build trust
  2. Increase awareness
  3. Relaunch key converting campaigns
  4. Make campaigns live again

This targeted approach allowed us to tailor our strategy to the uncertain market, whilst focusing on return on ad spend at key turning points.

Phase 1

Building trust

We decided that during this unprecedented time, a sense of trust would be essential to consumers more than ever before. We leant on Swift Go’s existing customer base to generate reviews and showcase the exquisite quality of the service a consumer could expect.

A campaign of outreach emails to previous customers focussed on reviews generated a Trustpilot score of 4.9 out of 5 from over 200 reviews. Through further A/B testing, we found that displaying this message on the home page drove a 16% increase in revenue.

Phase 2 & 3

Building awareness

Phase 2 allowed us to use PR and paid social get the brand back in front of consumers as they started considering a UK summer staycation, whilst there was still uncertainty on when holidays would be permitted again. We also used this time to build audience lists which we could then retarget when consumer confidence and booking intent returned.

In phase 3, we relaunched the campaigns that had the highest potential to drive bookings, whilst utilising reassuring messaging and keeping investment at a lower level.


Phase 4

All systems go

With clear indication that booking intent was back, all marketing activity was resumed across all channels, allowing Swift Go to capitalise on the increased interest in the domestic staycation market.

  1. 103% increase in revenue year on year
  2. 2,735% return on ad spend
  3. 87% reduction in cost per booking

Throughout the peak summer season, the whole fleet of motorhomes was fully booked, allowing us to switch focus to driving future demand in 2021.   

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