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Reducing cost per lead by 75% to drive £100k+ of leads

The adult education industry has undergone a dramatic transformation, with the move to online learning being led by The Skills Network. Particularly with the impact of COVID-19 forcing individuals to isolate, the need for distance learning is more prominent than ever before. 

The Results

75% decrease in cost per lead

Through the assessment ideal customer personas, we succesfully targeted these audience and brought down costs.

79% decrease in cost per registration

By taking the time to research the needs of different locations and using bespoke targeting, we reduced the cost for each registration.

B2B lead generation worth £100k+

By identifying ideal prospects and tailoring the approach to meet their needs, we succesfully generated new business relationships.

The Challenge

Lack of clarity surrounding successful approaches

The Skills Network were facing a unique set of challenges across their business. The business had grown off the back of a Facebook and email heavy approach, but it was unclear as to what worked and what didn’t.

Adult education budget funding was being decentralised from the central government due to devolution and they had a diverse product set, multiple B2B and B2C audiences, and a desire to in-house marketing activity in the future. This meant a more intelligent, strategic, and consultative approach was required to drive future growth.

The Solution

Developing more efficient processes and implementing bespoke strategies

To help The Skills Network overcome their challenges, we developed a multi-faceted approach designed to tackle their issues head-on:

  • Utilised lookalike audience from previous enrolment data to target prospects on both Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Implemented a multi-stage approach to improve the quality of leads and nurture the users through their consumer journey
  • Devised a multi-channel integrated content strategy to increase organic visibility and traffic, whilst providing content to utilise in all channels
  • Identified their ideal customer profile and generated a predictable pipeline of qualified leads for the sales team to engage with
  • Integrated the data from the pre-existing CRM platforms with our media channels to create a full view of lead generation performance
  • Developed and executed a training roadmap for their in-house marketing function
The Results

Increasing customers whilst reducing the cost per enquiry

The strategic approach drove massive improvements for The Skills Network at both the top and bottom of the funnel, helping to generate high levels of customers, all whilst reducing the cost per enquiry. 

  1. Cost per course registration down from £150 to £32
  2. Cost per lead down from £8 to £2
  3. Creative A/B testing doubled click-through rates
  4. B2B lead generation worth £100k+ of business

Often, marketing tactics are intrinsically linked and need careful planning and communication between the various methods. We demonstrated that in order to generate optimum results, it is important to take a holistic view of a business's marketing activities and fundamental goals to devise the perfect strategy.

From the client


The advancements that they have made to our marketing approach have been staggering

43 Clicks North have in a short time become a key part of our business. The advancements that they have made to our marketing approach have been staggering. They have displayed a can-do attitude at all times and their consultative approach has helped to set the business up for long-term success.

Dan Wilson Executive Director
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