5 things every business owner should know about SEO

January 1, 2019 Published by

Below are five reasons, in no particular order, why every business owner should know about search engine optimisation (SEO), even if they do not intend to change their marketing activity or invest extra into SEO.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of making your website accessible, easily understandable and appear as an authority to search engines. This will help you appear higher in the ‘free’ listings on Google when people search for terms related to your business.

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It’s not a quick fix, it’s an investment

SEO is not going to generate sales and leads within the first month. In fact, most agencies will agree it will take around 4-6 months to start seeing organic traffic start generating sale and leads.

But the good news is that it will grow. The performance at 12 months should be much better than at 6 months and hopefully set you above your competitors.

It’s not an exact science, Google doesn’t tell us why it favours one website over another

Google’s algorithm is a black box and no one knows exactly what is in it. If Google told us, all of their competition would copy it and people would ‘game’ the system.

However, they do give us plenty of hints and through years of testing, marketers have made a lot of sound theories about what Google wants.

You’re paying for experience, resource and expertise

Because SEO is not an exact science, the best way to be successful is to listen to those with experience and expertise.

Using an SEO agency gives you access to these for a fraction of the price of hiring someone. It also offers you the extra resource of having a team of experts, meaning holiday cover, extra ideas and support when you need it most. It is like having an extra arm to your marketing department.

Your competitors are already doing it

With Google and other search engines being the primary source of information for Internet users in the UK, it is/can be a huge source of income for businesses. Ever since search engines came into existence businesses have tried to gain favour and get more traffic. It’s likely your competitors are already doing it.

Everyone searches. To think your customers don’t is naive

Google processes over 40,000 searches every second, this translates to over 3.5 million searches every single day and 1.2 trillion every year. From this 15% of all searches have never been seen before.

Google and other search engines are the first stop for information in today’s digital age. This goes for business services, retail queries and informational queries. Your customers are searching for you even if you don’t know it.

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