15/06/20 Becky Stead

5 Tips for Using PR to Grow your Brand Awareness

When it comes to communicating the credibility of your brand, PR can be one of the best marketing channels to use.

A simple comment or social media post about your brand can add a layer of trust and credibility, which can also translate into potential new business. Now imagine the effect a PR article will have when it comes from a respected and well-known media outlet…

Here are 5 tips for using PR to grow your business:

Take control of your great content

When putting together a pitch or press release, keep the content succinct and informative. Focus on a particular problem or issue faced by readers that you can take control of.

You want to be in control of collecting the research and any data needed and show your expertise and own brand identity. Do this by offering the right information and a form of solution that your business has the potential to help with.

Be honest

When writing a pitch or press release that includes company information, always be honest and never stretch the truth or hide anything of importance.

Your business story, within any form of PR, needs to be told well and must be authentic. Doing otherwise may only hinder your brand instead.

Keep up with trends and latest news

To be seen as a reliable source of information and news, you need to be seen as conversant with the latest trends in your industry and always aware of the big news.

Keep an eye on what people, including journalists, are saying via trend sources like Google Trends, social media, and news/ media outlets to come up with relevant topics you can become an authority on.

As much as you want to be seen as “up to date” your PR topic still needs to be original. Use your understanding of current topics to potentially secure brand awareness rather than copying existing stories.

Build your media network

Build your network with journalists in your area of specialisation as well as generating important relationships with those working in major news outlets to become a trusty source of information.

Build a reputation for giving great, valid information and interesting, relevant stories, and within time you will enjoy those quality media mentions.

Using social networking platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter to engage with journalists. Simply ‘liking’ or commenting on their posts slowly over time will make your name stick more for when you proceed to a first conversation.

Be consistent

You do not experience success with PR overnight. You must have a long-term PR strategy mapped out that can be adapted if necessary.

With time and consistent efforts, your brand will distinguish itself and attain the desired recognition. If you feel as though you are still not achieving those results, remember to give yourself time or always consult the expertise of a PR specialist for extra guidance.

Becky Stead

Digital PR Specialist, dedicated to producing newsworthy PR campaigns and creating unique tactics to build links worldwide.