28/05/21 Tom Berridge

Google Ads Previewer Tool [FREE Download]

Preview Google Ads in Google Sheets.

We all have our individual opinions about Google Ads and most of the bugbears are well justified! Like the fact it takes 6 clicks and a scroll to get to your Automated Extensions settings or Google's mission to hide more and more data from advertisers to push towards automation.

Personally, it’s always been annoying that you can’t visualise your ad copy in situ before going through the campaign creation process or upload. Even if you’re using Ads Editor, you only get one preview of the ad you’ve selected and that’s only on Expanded Text (with old formatting).

The method behind the madness

With simple formatting and the clever use of randomising formulas, we’re now able to visualise our ad copy holistically at ad group, campaign or account level.

Quite simply, you name your ad groups, build out your ad copy (URL, headlines, paths, descriptions), select which ad groups you want to view and hey presto! You’re ready to proof your ads and see how they’ll look on the SERPs.

You can watch a quick overview of the tool


For a spreadsheet, it bodes a few useful features to help you along the way. The main one being the shuffling of Responsive Ads in an attempt to replicate potential combinations of assets. Other helpful features include:

  • Ad completion tracking
  • Character count highlighting across assets
  • Error checking
  • Easily replicated to use across your client base
  • Troubleshooting for the previewing area

After using this tool for several months it's certainly saved us time and streamlined our process so much more. We’ve even adapted it further. Clients now use this as an ad copy proofing tool prior to the build/launch of any campaigns. They can load it up, choose which ad groups to review the copy as it would be served to their prospective customers then sign-off for use.


Whether you want to adopt this tool, criticise it (please, let us know your thoughts) or show your boss and take full credit, feel free to download a copy.

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