26/01/20 Jack Foster

Hull’s infamous legend of the chip spice

Tucked into a little corner of East Riding of Yorkshire, resting along the shore of the River Humber, you will find a diverse city boasting a big tale of the American dream.

Kingston-Upon-Hull is known for many quirks and traits. From distinctive cream telephone boxes to our very own Pride of Britain, the bee lady, the City of Culture boasts a variety of peculiarities that make us proud to call it home. 

Of all our eccentricities, the one thing we can all agree on as the most iconic trait of the city is the legend of chip spice.

The charming history of chip spice

From Chinese salt and pepper chip to peri salted chips, there are many ways to season your chips. However, back in the late 1970s, none of these popular options satisfied the taste buds of Hull-based restaurant owner John Science.

Inspired by the tantalising flavours they had discovered throughout their visit to the United States, John’s close friends Rob and Brenda Wilson had the idea to bring these spices across the pond. Using seasoned salt, tomato powder, and paprika spice, the duo developed an exciting recipe to bring the taste of America to little old Yorkshire.

The unique blend was used in John’s restaurant, Yankee Burger, making the Hull chip spice infamous throughout the region. Us Yorkshire folk simply could not get enough, encouraging the company to bottle and sell the flavouring to neighbouring businesses and local butchers.

Popularity of paprika seasoning

Nowadays, it is common to see the people of Hull putting chip spice on a wide variety of food. Available to use in a wide variety of businesses, you will find us topping our chips in pizza takeaways and fish and chip shops. 

A recent YouGov survey found that Hull’s American Chip Spice was most commonly found in the East riding region, with over 36% of people admitting that they spice up their chippy with the smoky flavours. In comparison, only a small minority of people across the rest of the country have encountered chip spice, with a mere 0-7% of people admitting they also cannot get enough of the salty taste. 

The Original American Chip Spice Company now sell their flagship product in leading supermarkets ASDA and Morrisons. In fact, the concoction is stocked in over 35 ASDA stores across Yorkshire! In Hull itself, the chip spice outsells the likes of well-known brands and products, such as Heinz Tomato Ketchup and Nando’s Peri-Peri Salt Sprinkles, demonstrating the popularity of the seasoning and the unwavering dedication of its fans. 

The second-best thing to come from Hull

Whilst the salty taste of Hull’s chip spice is irresistibly good, we have to confess that we strongly believe it is only the second-best thing to come out of the City of Culture. 

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We love where we have come from and we are proud to show it off! Our founder, Mike Ellis, is dedicated to keeping talent in Hull and we have recently moved office, remodelling some of the historic buildings in the heart of Old Town to create a dynamic, modern working environment. 

Wherever our success takes us next, you can be sure that we will attend our client lunches with a tale of our hometown and a bottle of chip spice in hand…

Jack Foster

Head of Brand with over 10 years experience delivering campaigns across a range of channels including; web, social, email, print + video.