05/05/22 Beth Fell

My first month as a client strategist for 43 Clicks North

Starting a new role as a Client Strategist

Hey, I'm Beth Fell and I’m all about vibes and aura. Trust me when I say 43 Clicks North has that positive energy, vibes and aura you want in a workplace. 

Since joining on the 22nd of March as the newest Client Strategist I’ve truly felt like a part of the team, or family more like. See that’s the thing with 43, Mike and the team have created this calming yet fun and family-like environment that instantly makes you feel comfortable enough to ask those daft questions like “Where are the toilets again?” and “How do I use the fancy kettle tap please?” 

The first week

As with most new jobs, the first day/week is where you take in so much information and have a mental notebook constantly being scribbled in throughout the day, (as well as a physical one). But what I wasn’t expecting was to sit down with the individual teams to discover more about each of them as individuals and their specialty. 

I instantly felt like I had become more knowledgeable within the first week, than in my whole career. Areas I’ve struggled with throughout my career suddenly made sense (in a very small way) and it was truly fascinating. 

Add in that Andy (Head of Strategy) then ran me through the clients and gave me ownership. My mind was truly blown that I had my clients already in week one. 🤯

Career progression & personal growth

On the Friday of my last week, Andy asked me to think about where I wanted to grow and areas I felt comfortable. Business is a key area for me; my role and impact on the business have always been an interest; so I thought I’d shoot my shot and ask Andy if I could understand that a little more. Expecting to be turned down, Andy was all for it. Along with other areas of interest, a development plan was created and it’s awesome to have something to work towards. 

Although this is just the beginning and I’m only one month in, I cannot wait to see where I’ll be in 3 months, heck even a year. The commitment to personal growth is second to none and I’m excited to be on this path to develop my career and myself as a Client Strategist. 

Beth Fell

Client strategist with over 5 years experience of growing social media accounts, building relationships and developing winning strategies