02/12/21 Jack Foster

Our fourth birthday — a year in review

November has passed, which means we’re officially four years old.

At the end of November last year, we stood at 11 strong in our shared office at the Deep. This year has brought us new team members, new clients, and even a new shiny office. 

We’ve seen some pretty impressive numbers when it comes to growth, with revenue up over 145% YoY, it’s definitely been a year to remember — here are some of the highlights:

Some New Faces

The people here at 43 Clicks North contribute not only to the services we offer but also to the culture of our business. We strongly believe in retaining talent in Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire, and we’ve carefully curated an environment that propels people towards personal success - whichever way that looks for them!

This year we’ve welcomed 12 new faces to 43HQ, all of which have added massively to our offering. They’re a great bunch that has fitted in seamlessly with our existing staff and clients, bringing new ideas and experiences to improve our services.

43 Clicks North Team

We welcomed Gemma, Adam, Emily Smith, and Beu to the production team, who all bring a unique skill set to the table and have helped reshape how things run at 43CN.

The introduction of Emily Welham, Jacinta, and Atilla to our creative studio has transformed our offering, with the addition of Andy and John to our project management team again dramatically levelling us up.

Here’s a snippet of what they’ve been up to:

Other additions include Steve Baker who adds plenty of years of experience to our senior team. Marika Moverley brings a wide knowledge of the marketing landscape to our client team and finally, Jacob Holmes joins our marketing team to assist with everything 43 Clicks North.

We moved into our forever home

April saw us move into our forever home. Originally two separate buildings, we merged 33/34 Bishop Lane into one space that spans across three floors.

The building offers plenty of character, with each room boasting its individual personality. We’ve combined original features with reclaimed furnishings to keep hold of the 100+ years of character.

43 Clicks North Office

The space gives us an HQ in the heart of the old town, surrounded by local businesses, pubs, and bars. It's a great place the team can get together and call home.

The Power Hour

2021 saw us host our first ever in-person event, and it went down a treat! 

We launched the Power Hour to bring together the city's best marketing talent. We wanted to put them in the same room to share an in-depth view of their marketing strategy, allowing local businesses and agencies to learn from the best of the best.

The launch event was a massive success, which we owe to our amazing speakers Craig Franklin, Anita Pace, and Mike Ellis.

Here’s a look into Craig Franklin’s talk:

If you missed this event, don't worry! We’re running our second get together in the new year.

The Culture Club

This year we introduced ‘The Culture Club’ internally. We fully believe in the “work hard, play hard” ethos and since our colleagues do an amazing job we wanted to give something back.

Each month, our Culture Club plans an exciting activity for us all to get together and unwind. On the last Friday of each month, we turn off our laptops a little early to head out and have some fun together. From go-karting to a night on the town, we’ve had some amazing afternoons making memories that will last a lifetime.

They’ve also hosted our annual Summer Party, and are already getting festive putting together our Christmas do! 

Aside from the social aspect, the Culture Club have implemented changes to help look after the team’s physical and mental wellbeing. We’ve partnered with well-being specialists to provide massages, talk therapies, and more to help our staff feel their best from the inside out. 

43 Clicks North Team

New Accreditations & Partnerships

This year we’ve been officially verified as a truly flexible employer, which highlights our commitment to flexible working. We were also named as #23 on the top 50 flexible companies in the UK!

Another accreditation we’re proud of is our Living Wage verification. We're committed to continuously following the guidance of the Living Wage Scheme, to ensure every single member of the 43 Clicks North team earns a fair and liveable wage.

It’s also been a year of partnerships for our PPC team, as we’re now officially Google and Microsoft Partners. This not only proves the high quality work our analysts have been doing over the past year but it also gives us direct access to the team at Google, allowing us to improve our offering to clients across the board.

Fancy gettin’ Ship Faced?

To celebrate our birthday, we’ve partnered with Cheviot Brewery to launch our first-ever beer! I challenged the team to come up with a concept, and I think they smashed it!

Ship Faced Beer

Let me introduce you to Ship Faced. Our birthday buoy beer is a refreshingly zesty, easy-drinking, light session pale ale with floral, tropical fruit, and pine notes. 

We had so much fun creating this and I'm sure it’s the first of many IRL ventures. You can take a look at the beautiful spot where the beer is produced in the video below.

If you’d like to sample this fine ale, feel free to drop me a message on LinkedIn.

The future

As we look ahead to 2022, we’ve set ambitious goals again and we’re looking to introduce plenty more faces to the team. 

We’re currently looking to fill five roles, which spans various teams and experience levels. If you want to join an incredible team of creative and curious problem solvers, you can check out all our available roles on our careers page.

Peace and Love,


Jack Foster

Head of Brand with over 10 years experience delivering campaigns across a range of channels including; web, social, email, print + video.