06/07/21 Jack Foster

Using video to scale from £1k to £25k+ monthly paid social revenue

How video allowed us to scale from £1k to £25k+ in social revenue

Last year we started working with Discount Supplements, they approached us after facing a difficult few years. Revenue had been on the decline over the previous five years - falling in line with the trend of the hardcore, bodybuilding market.

We’ve done some amazing work for Discount Supplements over the past year, across pretty much every channel. However this blog post is dedicated to some of the tactics we’ve used to scale their paid social campaigns from £1k to £25k+ in monthly revenue.


The Challenge

The supplements industry is a VERY noisy place, filled with brands battling it out to capture your attention. Influencers, affiliate schemes and aggressive media spend dilute the industry, not to mention the always-on remarketing campaigns which follow us round on the daily.

With lower margins across the more popular products, our goal was to attract new audiences to the Discount Supplements website whilst increasing both awareness and intent in alternative higher margin products.

Going against the grain

Prior to taking over the account, Discount supplements have always focused on product-by-product static campaigns, with a high focus on highlighting discounted prices to move stock.

Upon taking over the account we switched away from the standard product carousels and introduced a series of brand focused video campaigns. Our theory being that combining high tempo video with ready-to-buy audiences would be enough to beat the scroll, improve CTR and ultimately convert higher.

To test our theory, the initial video campaign focused on high selling, popular products. This allowed us to build credibility for the brand and capture users with products and brands they were probably already familiar with.

The Trial Run


The trial run was a huge success, ROAS skyrocketed and we were able to scale the campaign steadily, which we’re still running to this day for cold audiences.

Higher Margin Products

After the success of the initial video campaign, we turned our attention towards building credibility for the higher margin products. Following the same style direction as the trial, we created a series of fast-paced, short videos for the less known products.

Here’s some of the videos we produced;

The Purge Pre Workout


My Endurance


Effectiv Advanced Pre-Workout


Effectiv Complete Meal Promo Video


The Results

Combining the video led approach with consistent audience alterations we were available to scale the account from £1k monthly revenue up to £25k+, as well as improving some other key stats;

  • CPA down from £11 to £4
  • Monthly revenue from £1k to £25k+
  • Increased AOV from £34 to £46

If you'd like to find out more about our paid social offering, please get in touch.

Jack Foster

Head of Brand with over 10 years experience delivering campaigns across a range of channels including; web, social, email, print + video.