24/06/21 Ben Owst

We’re officially Google & Microsoft Partners!

It’s been a week full of partnerships for our PPC team, as we’re now officially Google and Microsoft Partners - and we even have the badges to prove it!

The Google partnership not only proves the high quality work our analysts have been doing over the past year but it also gives us direct access to the team at Google. This lets us provide the best possible service to our clients.

What the Google & Microsoft partnership means

To achieve the Google partnership status, at least 70% of accounts have to be ‘performing well’, 50% of analysts must have completed Google’s accreditations, and spend had to be above a certain threshold. The truth is, the full team of analysts completed the accreditations needed, so we were confident of our work from the start. 

We’ve also been gifted another shiny emblem, as we’ve also been verified as Microsoft Partner for our work across their platforms. The requirements and benefits pretty much mirror Google’s and again enable us to deliver a more enhanced service for our clients.

Badges aren’t the only thing we’re looking for in our PPC team, we’re also looking for a Junior PPC Exec to join the team.

Ben Owst

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