01/07/21 Jack Foster

We've been verified as a truly flexible company

We’re settling into our new office and there’s no denying that having a central location has given us a competitive edge. Our staff are welcome to utilise the space as they see fit, allowing them to get together with both colleagues and clients alike.

This sort of flexibility has always been one of our core values. The pandemic opened our eyes more than ever to the benefits of having staff work both together and from home, and this is something we are dedicated to continuing.

So much so, we have recently become a Flexa accredited company! We are excited by this accreditation and can’t wait to show off our stamp of approval to prospective employees.

Who are Flexa?

Flexa was founded by jobhunters Molly, Maurice, and Tim who were frustrated by the lack of flexible jobs available on the market. When searching for a job that offered Molly the flexibility she needed for her autoimmune disease, Molly and Maurice realised that they could not find anywhere to search for jobs that guaranteed flexibility.

Thus, Flex was born! Flexa helps job seekers search for jobs that fulfil their promise to offer flexibility. They do this by asking companies to answer a simple flexibility quiz, before benchmarking dozens of companies to see how they score against the rest of the market.

These accredited companies, such as ourselves, can then display their accreditation and advertise open job opportunities with Flexa.

Why we believe in flexibility

Since the pandemic, research has shown that 37% of British workers would like to continue working from home some of the time. Whether it is waiting in for a delivery, picking kids up from the school run, or even just wanting to stay in pyjamas, working from home has plenty of benefits.

Even prior to the pandemic, we strongly believed in offering our colleagues flexibility in their working life. There are plenty of life issues that get in the way of success and work shouldn’t be one of them. We encouraged our staff to work from where they felt comfortable, at a time that suited them best. We trust our staff to find the perfect work-life balance that works for them.

In order for this to work successfully, we continually promote trust, communication, and autonomy. In turn, this has settled the remote/office argument for us and has resulted in improved happiness, efficiency, and productivity. We trust our staff to do their best and let the results speak for themselves.

Final thoughts

We are incredibly proud to become a certifiable “flexified” company with Flexa. We admire the work Flexa do in promoting flexibility. We believe that this badge demonstrates our commitment to being a responsible employer and we hope it draws like-minded individuals to our company.

So, if you want to work from home, take a long lunch, or even bring your dog to the office, get in touch! We have various career opportunities available across our company and we are always happy to welcome new talent on board.

Jack Foster

Head of Brand with over 10 years experience delivering campaigns across a range of channels including; web, social, email, print + video.