Paid Social Training

Facebook and Instagram are the largest experiential marketing channels out there. If you can master the ad techniques behind these giants, you’ll be able to measure marketing effectiveness across different devices and have a holistic view of your outreach.

Our innovative Paid Social course will teach you everything from the bottom up. Starting with the fundamentals, we will show you how to create your account and the difference between each level of setting up your ad campaigns. We’ll then introduce more advanced concepts and techniques, including how to harness automation and AI to maximise results. Creative is one of the most important puzzle pieces for Paid Social, so together we will work on some ground-breaking concepts and visuals to push your campaign to success.

This Paid Social training is perfect for both beginners and those that are looking to expand their skills. We’ll teach you everything you need to know, using real-life scenarios and workable case studies to give you demonstrable experience.

What’s included:

For only £249 per person, you’ll receive the following:

  • Training provided by leading Social experts
  • Insight into the practices of a dedicated digital marketing agency
  • A training certificate
  • Lunch and refreshments

What's Included

  • Paid Social Fundamentals Learn the basics
  • Technical Skills Method behind the madness
  • Creative Masterclass Creativity x Performance

Paid Social Fundamentals

Heading back to basics is the best way to lay the right foundations. We’ll showcase the fundamentals, teaching you essential theories such as ad copy best practices and how targeting works. We’ll discuss the difference between campaign level, ad set level, and ad level, allowing you to explore the boundaries of each one.

Taking you through real-life examples, we’ll explain the general best practices of this marketing channel. You’ll discover how to utilise broad audiences, dynamic ads, remarketing techniques and more. With these preliminary principles under your belt, you’ll be ready to advance to testing your technical know-how.


Technical Skills

Let’s expand your technical skills and make you a Paid Social whiz. We’ll show you how to get the best out of your audiences with different types of objectives, allowing your campaign to be opened up to a whole range of opportunities. We’ll also teach you about automation as well as when and where it's best used.

Focusing on the platforms themselves, we’ll walk you through how the algorithm works for Facebook and Instagram. We’ll provide you with helpful tips and tricks to really make the most of it. Lastly, we’ll give you hands-on experience with Facebook Pixel including how to install it and demonstrating the importance of correct installation.


Creative Masterclass

When you put these methods into practice, you’ll need to know how to tell if they’re actually working! Our Paid Social course will show you best practices for monitoring and reporting success. 

We’ll explain how you can gain real insight into how your campaigns, ad sets and ads are performing. 

Our experienced Paid Social specialist will show you how to make tweaks to improve the performance of your activity, whilst giving helpful advice on recognising when this is necessary. You'll be given an insight into tactical testing strategies and valuable best practices that can help your paid social ads stop the scroll!

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