PPC Training

Paid ads dominate the search landscape, landing at the forefront of what users are looking for. Our dynamic PPC training course highlights the importance of PPC’s role in the customer journey, allowing you to use relevant tools to track and assess your customer’s intent. 

Sometimes even the most simple techniques can make the biggest impact, so our inclusive PPC courses strip things down to the basics to build a solid foundation of knowledge. We’ll then introduce more advanced concepts and techniques and include a specific Google AdWords training class so you can get to grips with this powerful tool. By the end of this PPC course, you’ll have the confidence to be able to take on the Google Ads Fundamentals exam and test your might. 

This Google PPC training is perfect for users without much Google Ads experience. We’ll teach you everything you need to know from the ground up, using real-life scenarios and workable case studies to give you tangible experience. 

For only £249 per person, you’ll receive the following:

  • Training provided by leading SEO experts
  • Insight into the practices of a dedicated digital marketing agency
  • A training certificate
  • Lunch and refreshments

What's Included

  • PPC fundamentals Learn the basics
  • Practical PPC tips Running a campaign
  • Monitoring PPC success Analyse and report

PPC fundamentals

Setting up the perfect foundation, we’ll walk you through how PPC works, the benefits of proper PPC implementation, and the theories of different strategies. We’ll also discuss what a quality score is and why it's important.

You’ll learn the difference between Microsoft and Google before obtaining an understanding of how PPC can complement other channels to create a holistic marketing campaign. With these basics mastered, you’ll be in good stead to create a captivating campaign to draw in audiences


Practical PPC tips

Once you’ve got the basic principles locked down, we’ll then take you through the practical aspect of running a PPC campaign. We’ll show you how to conduct keyword research, help you with structuring your account, and demonstrate how to actually create an ad.

We’ll also show you how to use match types, select a landing page, and target the right users at the right time. Using workable case studies and accounts, you’ll get hands-on experience in making these important decisions.


Monitoring PPC success

When you put these methods into practice, you’ll need to know how to tell if they’re actually working! Our PPC course will show you best practices for monitoring and tracking success.

We’ll explain how you should select the KPIs and metrics for your campaign and give you a real insight into how to analyse your reports. Our experienced PPC specialist will show you how to make tweaks to improve the performance of your campaign, whilst giving helpful advice on recognising when this is necessary.

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