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Here at 43 Clicks North, we offer an innovative SEO course designed to enhance your knowledge and refine your skills. With this holistic SEO training, you’ll have a full understanding of how to reach the coveted number one spot in search engine result pages. 

You’ll be given a full introduction to what SEO is, how search rankings work, and the different elements of a search engine results page. Built around the key three pillars, this SEO course incorporates both SEO copywriting training and link building strategy to further round out your expertise. We’ll then walk you through an overview of helpful tools used to analyse your site and help the success of your site from a technical perspective.

Perfect for SEO beginners, we’ll give you valuable experience using real-life scenarios and workable case studies. In just [Insert days/ time period], you’ll become confident in your budding SEO skills and will be able to successfully implement these helpful tactics into your own day to day marketing strategy. 

What’s included:

For only £249 per person, you’ll receive the following:

  • Training provided by leading SEO experts
  • Insight into the practices of a dedicated digital marketing agency
  • A training certificate
  • Lunch and refreshments

What's Included

  • Technical
  • Content
  • Links


There are tonnes of factors that go into Google’s algorithm but the website build is often underrated. Getting that perfect base is just as important as incorporating fancy features and immense imagery. 

You’ll receive technical SEO training, centred around optimising your site for crawling and indexing. We’ll teach you how to assess websites and implement technical changes for both on- and off-page SEO to improve the overall readability. 



High quality and relevant content designed specifically for your audience allow Google to see you as an authoritative source of information, meaning you’re much more likely to end up in that sweet top spot!

We’ll show you how to create content informed by accurate keyword research so that you can appear for all of those key search terms. We’ll work with you to implement an engaging tone of voice and generate unique pages packed with exciting, creative content to draw your users in time and time again.



Whilst you may be great at building connections with other businesses in person, knowing how to do this online is a whole new bag of tricks. We’ll show you how to get links online from other thriving businesses, allowing you to create a great network that you can show off to Google!

We’ll show you the importance of how to gain trustworthy links from authoritative domains. Using advanced techniques and tactics, you’ll learn how to obtain local, national, and international links from credible sources such as newspapers and universities.

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