Pay Per Click

Paid ads still dominate the search landscape and, when you’re wanting to grow, there’s no escaping it. For years PPC has been used for acquiring new customers but usually, it's used independently of other channels.

Yet the role it plays in the customer journey is so much bigger. Seriously, it’s like when no one realised how important Samwise Gamgee would be to getting the ring to Mordor.

Not to sound like stalkers, but we assess every interaction your potential customers have with your business to find out what truly draws them in. Whether it’s the first click, last click, or somewhere in between, knowing where paid search fits into the bigger picture is the difference between mediocre results and record-breaking campaigns.

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Our Mission

Getting to know your business inside and out, we tie our KPIs to the metrics that matter to you. Rather than using vanity metrics that pump up our tyres, we provide cold, hard facts that help to drive your business forward.

Check out how we drove a 420% increase in online enquiries for Heat Insulation.

Our approach to PPC

  • Data Driven We like numbers
  • Multi-platform We like the internet
  • International We like going places
  • Landing Page Optimisation We like iconic duos

Data Driven

Our analysts love numbers and pride themselves on crunching them.  Yeah, we know they sound like geeks, but they’re our geeks – and they do a damn good job.

We take the guesswork out of campaign creation and use real-time facts to influence creativity. With automated reporting providing actionable insights, we swiftly make strategic evidence-based decisions to enhance campaign performance and get the most out of each click.



Can you name every internet application? Need to know your Googles from your Bings? Wondering what Chandler from Friends has to do with this? No problem at all!

We have a wealth of experience across a wide range of applications and channels. Coupled with access as both Google and Bing partners, our analysts will keep you up to date on the latest changes and developments to keep you at the forefront of the most recent features.



Looking at the UK or further afield? From Bolton to Benidorm to the Bahamas, we can help with thatWe’ve got the skillset and knowledge to advise you on the best approach for every location.

We’ve stacks of experience in analysing data and running campaigns in over 25 countries. Our analysts know the platforms, strategies, and approaches that work best to give you the greatest shot at international success.


Landing Page Optimisation

A good PPC strategy wouldn’t be complete without thinking about the website. Otherwise, it would be like Tom without Jerry, Laurel without Hardy, or Ant without Dec, it just wouldn’t work.

When a customer has clicked your well planned and impressively designed ad, the resulting landing page has to make even more of an impact. We’ll conduct KPI-focused landing page reviews to improve the user experience, to ensure we’re maximising the value of the traffic we work so hard to drive to your site.

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